About me

Cici Zhou is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant(IBCLC), a Registered Massage Therapist(RMT) of Ontario, and a Nutrition Manager(NM). She is a passionate professional in women’s wellness, focusing on postnatal breast massage, breastfeeding support, and nutrition counsulting. And yes, she is a mother too, growing up together with her 8 years old little lady.

Cici was a lucky mom whose 15 months breastfeeding journey was easy and smooth. She knew that it was the huge contribution from her families, her friends, and the hospital lactation consultants, without these people’s help, she could’t persist in breastfeeding for such a long time.

After Cici gave birth her daughter, she shifted her focus to women oriented. She hoped to help other mothers like what she was helped. And now she is doing it, serving the communities with her magic hands, combining Swedish massage techniques and hand expresssion skills to relieve breast engorgement, oberserving mothers’ feeding habits to modify position and latching, and evaluating the baby’s intake to make a feeding plan for the family. She has been practiced thousands of clinical hours, and helped hundreds of mothers achieved their breastfeeding goals in the past six years. She is calm and peace, and she always encourages you to reach your fully potential.


  • Member of CMTO
  • Member of ILCA
  • Member of CSNM